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Bring the Winter Revolution of Fashion with Kenzo mens jumper

Bring the Winter Revolution of Fashion with Kenzo mens jumper

The sweater season may be trendy too, and we are all concerned about it. These do-it-all layers are an investment that you will repeat, but finding the right thing can be difficult with so many styles to choose from. Fortunately, with a handy guide, we're here for you. We have a low-down to keep you sharp during holiday and beyond, from crewnecks to v-neck or full-packed to half-packs.


You definitely heard about them and you probably have some in your wardrobe. The crew-neck Kenzo mens jumper combines easily with everything, and numerous options are available from cotton to cabinets and more. This style tends to give a boxer-like silhouette on the casual side of its cousin, a slender man trying to add a bit more to his physicality.


Think a little more polished crewneck. The "V" in the v-neck refers in part to the form of the neckline. Especially when wearing it over a button-up – perfect for the office – is an ideal layering piece. You will not find any lack of fabric options from Kenzo mens jumper, like the crewneck, and the v-form is a subtle slimming effect, as an additional bonus.

Turtle Necks 

This style has shaken its reputation and underwent a contemporary renovation. Few items like Kenzo mens jumper can do this in your closet—casual enough for a dressing event to go out, but clever enough. The t-neck is modern but gives a retro atmosphere. The high neck adds extra warmth, so leave the scarf at home.


Not the right Turtleneck for you? Test the mock-neck, her sibling. It adds structure, but a more relaxed atmosphere. The main difference is the lower height of the fabric on the neck. The additional breathing space allows you to move more. Half or full-pack versions can also be worn as jackets.

Full & Half-zips

You may want a sweater idea, but you need a little more ventilation. These Kenzo mens jumpers can be worn like a cardigan or sweater, so they add greatly to your arsenal. Combine it with a collared shirt and you've got an instant office fit. This is the style for you when you are looking for something with a bit more flexibility.

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